The Stell Crystal Collection

The Stell Crystal Collection

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The Stell Crystal Collection is a set of six crystals to aid in your wellness. Crystals can lift emotions and spirit and neutralize negativity. Comes in a The Stell bag. 

CLEAR QUARTZ: For mental clarity.
BLACK TOURMALINE: Protects and eliminates negative energy. Keep one in front of your computer.
ROSE QUARTZ: Promotes unconditional love for oneself and others.
BLUE LACE AGATE: The encouragement stone. It calms, uplifts, elevates, and eases anxieties. Use for cleansing and detoxifying emotions.
PYRITE: The action stone. This stone encourages creativity and enhances willpower during challenging times. It will keep you grounded when things in your life leave you feeling depleted.
AVENTURINE: The stone of opportunity. The luckiest of all stones.

Due to the organic nature of the crystals, colors and sizes may vary

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