The Stell x Soul Sunday Rose Geranium

Photo by Mill Media

Photo by Mill Media


Behind the scenes shooting The Stell x Soul Sunday Natural Fragrance with Mill Media in Brooklyn, New York.


Behind the Scenes: The Stell x Soul Sunday Rose Geranium Natural Fragrance

If you haven't heard yet, we just announced our very first product collaboration with Soul Sunday! The development and product design for the natural fragrance came pretty naturally. Rose is one of our favorites, and was an easy choice as the main note. The minimal black, white, and gold color palette is an enduring uniform for us.

For the photoshoot, we turned to our friends at Brooklyn-based Mill Media. We had a great time at the studio playing with different textures and dozens of roses. 

The Rose Geranium Natural Fragrance is feminine and classic, for the quintessential Stell woman. The blend of rose, geranium, and neroli therapeutic oils come in an elegant rollerball.