Review: Soul Sunday Ricewash Facial Cleanser & Rice Water Brightening Mist

Review: Soul Sunday Ricewash Facial Cleanser & Rice Water Brightening Mist

by Diana Martinez

Soul Sunday's Ricewash Facial Cleanser was a great addition to my regimen. Initially, I tried [the cleanser] because I have combination skin and an issue with mild rosacea. What kept me coming back is how smooth my skin felt. I will say that the "oilier" part of my skin did not enjoy this and it is not a cleanser to remove heavy makeup, but it was so gentle on my rosacea that I will buy again.

Soul Sunday's Rice Water Brightening Mist ranks very highly in my book. This is the perfect toner for someone with sensitive skin. I personally have combination skin with mild rosacea and let me tell you, it is perfection! It is gentle but efficient and balances out my skin's issues. I use it after I use a face wash to remove my makeup and the toner helps to really get deep into the pores. This toner is a dream come true.


Soul Sunday's silky, soap-free cleanser is formulated for sensitive skin and intended for everyday use. Founder Kara Kochalko developed this cleanser for her own sensitive skin. After years of unsuccessfully trying various brands, she finally came up with a formula that didn't make her break out. Rice water, jojoba oil, and lavender gently cleanse, leaving skin soft and refreshed. 


Inside Soul Sunday's Brightening Mist, rice water is the star ingredient. The mist is rich in B vitamins and antioxidants that refine skin tone and texture. Carefully combined with brightening vitamin C, bulgarian rose, and soothing cucumber, this mist will keep skin very happy this winter. mist face and neck after cleansing.