Behind the Scenes at Herbivore Botanicals

We took a little visit to Herbivore Botanicals headquarters in Seattle to see what things are like behind the scenes – and it fulfilled our natural beauty dreams. From clean, white spaces and cute little plants everywhere to their trademark pastel theme, it was Herbivore brought to life.

In one of the production rooms we visited, the team hummed along to their own beat, working happily to create facial oils or bath salts. It's certainly comforting to know that your favorite Citrine or Jasmine body oil was mixed by hand and carefully poured into each glass bottle. Even with the success Herbivore has garnered in just five short years, it's incredible that their full range is still made in downtown Seattle. They’re also committed to using glass packaging, the more sustainable option – none of the plastic in the market they’ve looked into are comparable.


We stopped by a one-woman workstation in the shipping and fulfillment warehouse, where labels are affixed one at a time. She gets into the zone and doesn't make any mistakes, often applying thousands of labels a day. We'll never look at Herbivore labels in the same way, knowing that there's a real person who loves her job behind each one. And that’s what we saw in each person at the company – a love of the work, regardless of their role.

Hand-pouring DETOX bath salts into their signature glass jars