BEAUTY: The Benefits of USING a Body Scrub

Think you’ve got your shower regimen down? If a body scrub is missing from your arsenal, think again. A scrub can do so much more than good old soap and body wash.

Exfoliating dead skin particles reveals healthy, new skin. Skin regeneration reduces discoloration and evens skin tone and texture. As you massage your body, it boosts circulation and increases blood flow. And as an added bonus, aromatherapy has mood improving qualities. Depending on your skin type, add a scrub to your routine 1-3 times per week.


Our favorite is Little Barn Apothecary’s fair-trade Coffee + Mint scrub. The invigorating coffee aroma is perfect for a morning ritual. Caffeine is known to revive and firm dimpled skin over time. Scoop out 1-2 tablespoons and rub the grounds in a circular motion all over the body, paying attention to rougher areas. It includes virgin coconut oil, so you can skip the post-shower moisturizer. $26.


For sensitive skin, we like sugar or salt based scrubs. The Little Barn Apothecary Cedarwood + Rose scrub contains salt that naturally purifies and removes toxins that can block pores. Salt granules are great for smoothing elbows and feet. Start with damp skin to soften, then turn off water before applying. The mild, floral scent is suitable for guys and girls alike. Essential oils leave skin supple. $24.


Most gentle is Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose body polish. The sugar-based scrub exfoliates without being abrasive. Sugar easily melts into skin and leaves it smooth and soft, and is suitable for more frequent use. The coconut blend definitely gives off vacation vibes. $35.


Also fantastic is Grown Alchemist body exfoliant, a fine blend of botanicals and pearl. It gently sloughs away dead skin, leaving skin looking polished. This scrub is great for delicate areas like the décolletage, back of neck, shoulders, and arms. Follow with Grown’s accompanying body cream. $39.