BEAUTY: A Review of Morihata Binchotan Charcoal


We're in love with more than just the impeccable minimalist design of Morihata Binchotan Charcoal products. They’re truly effective at purifying, preventing bacteria growth and deodorizing. There's a long history behind Binchotan Charcoal. Japanese artisans in the Kishu region have been burning oak branches for centuries, and clearly they know what they're doing. The charcoal is blended into the fibers of the Binchotan products, which work to draw dirt out of pores, minimize excess oil and improve blood circulation. It also doesn't hurt that these products will make your bathroom look enviously sophisticated.

Facial cleanser mask
The facial cleanser mask is a cleanser and mask all in one. The mask is more of a liquid than a paste. Squirt a tiny blob of the cleanser mask in one hand and apply to face. Don’t worry-- the tingly feeling means the charcoal is sucking up all the toxins in your skin. For a quick fix before going out, use as a cleanser.

Facial puff
The vegetable fiber facial sponge is soft and gentle. Use it in a delicate, circular motion, gently exfoliating your skin without any abrasion. After one use, skin is super smooth and after multiple daily use, your skin will be glowing.

Body scrub towel & pumice stone
The Body scrub towel works the same way, hamam-style buffing your skin. Equally as effective is the pumice stone, which can be used on more than just feet. Elbows and other rough areas can be gently buffed to smoothness.

The toothbrush has a sleek, minimal aesthetic, and it kills bad odors while brushing. 

Charcoal Sticks
We like to place a single charcoal stick in a jar of tap water to purify before drinking. Use for two months, then boil in water to recharge for another two months. 

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