Gilded: Tom Dixon Studio


We're obsessed with Tom Dixon's gilded accessories. From the decorative accents to the functional desk accessories, everything is a must-have. But if we had to choose, we’d treat ourselves to the "Eclectic" candles. Adding just a gold accent (or two!) instantly elevates a space. Tom Dixon Studio is a London-based home goods company with a cult following. Their "Eclectic" candles come in three sumptuous scents and are coveted by the style crowd. 

The small things make great hostess or holiday gifts. For more ideas on how to mix and match Tom Dixon accessories, send us an email to


  1. Orientalist scent candle
  2. Royalty scent candle
  3. London scent candle
  4. Gem large vase
  5. Gem tall vase
  6. Form tray 


  1. Bone napkin rings
  2. Etch candle holder
  3. Tool the clip
  4. Tool the golden rule 
  5. Tealight holder