Soul Sunday


Kara Kochalko and Shea Hardiman

Boston, MA

Soul Sunday is an organic skincare company founded by Kara Kochalko and Shea Hardiman. Their line of calming, natural products are inspired by travels abroad. With their backgrounds in yoga, wellness and design along with Kara's obsession with botanicals, it made sense for them to start a 100% natural, organic line of beauty. The entire line is designed like a minimalist's pastel dream. Each item in the line is based on a color inspired by a place they've been to. Since Soul Sunday's travels have hugely influenced them, we're not surprised that it's also driven by scent and aromatherapy. When you catch a whiff of something, you may not remember what the scent was, but you will associate it with a memory. Your sense of smell can evoke nostalgia of romantic feelings in faraway places.