Monastery Made


Athena Hewett

San Francisco, CA

After over a decade studying and practicing with medical-grade skincare products throughout her esthetic career, Athena realized that technology had not improved on her grandmother’s holistic recipes for purifying and healing skin. In fact, the proliferation of astringent products which tried (and mostly failed) to combat acne left her patients’ skin irritated, red, and dry. In 2011 Athena opened a  skincare therapy studio in San Francisco to treat her patients with her different methods of oil cleansing, water-free moisturizing and completely alcohol and salt free skincare.  Every ingredient is of the purest form and highest quality and made by Athena. While gathering notes from her clientele and natural perfumery certifications internationally and locally she began to create a solution.

Monastery is her solution — products made of whole, natural ingredients sourced from theworld’s own natural beauty. Sages from the archipelagos of Greece, Roses from Ayurvedic India, Citri from the blooms of Japan — these products evoke the suns they were grown under. 

Athena still blends each and every product by hand,  just as she did for her clientele. Turning a handcrafted item into a larger business is so rewarding but also time consuming. Thank you for your patience with her craft.

No salts. No alcohol. No fillers.