Nikita & Simona Koneckis

Portland, Oregon

MinErbs is a small family business created by mother & daughter-in-law; maker & visionary. They pour their whole hearts into creating nature-based products from remedies passed down from Simona's Latvian upbringing. Her accredited education partnered with Nikita's commitment to provide the purest, most meaningful goods for her children is the inspiration behind their products.

MinErbs believes your body, your babies, and our world are precious. They believe that devotion to intentional simplicity is the first ingredient in the life of a mother who deeply values the beauty of everyday tasks. They know you want only the best for your families and work hard to ensure the products you bring into your home support the well being of you and your loved ones. 

To create the highest quality body care products for you and your child, they start with a commitment to integrity and total transparency as to what is included in these products. All our ingredients are locally wild-harvested or ethically sourced. We share your devotion to beauty and well-being and infuse this in creating products that truly work.

MinErbs Baby Oil
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MinErbs Baby Butter
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MinErbs Baby Powder
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MinErbs Baby Bath Powder
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MinErbs Baby Balm
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MinErbs Nursing Salve
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