Jenna Levine

Chicago, Illinois

LINNÉ's skincare philosophy stems from founder, Jenna Levine's deep understanding of nutrition, medicine, yoga, Ayurveda, botany, and sustainability.  Jenna has spent most of her life living and eating whole and healthy foods, exercising and embracing the outdoors. These influences led to her studies of nutrition, alternative medicine and botany. In hommage to Carl Von Linné, the eminent Swedish botanist and physician, who made tremendous contributions to science and the classification of botanical species, she named this skincare brand LINNÉ.

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LINNÉ products are made from all-natural botanical compounds formulated to optimize the health and appearance of your skin. All of their ingredients are sourced globally and selected for their superlative quality and known ability to penetrate deep below the surface layers of the skin to purify, hydrate, nourish and protect.

To ensure their freshness and efficacy, all products include use by dates and are made in small batches from a diverse collection of native, wild-harvested and organic plant-based ingredients and minerals. Our formulas are free of harsh synthetics, petrochemicals, biological and environmental toxins, carcinogens and fillers including plain water, alcohol and pre-made bases. Nothing is ever added to dilute or alter the color, texture, or scent of our ingredients.

LINNÉ believes in total transparency. All ingredients are listed and with their purposes in a botanical index. Even their bottles are clear, whether they are glass or recyclable BPA-free plastic; we have nothing to hide. They also believe in keeping things simple. Inspired by the Swedish botanist, Carl Von Linné, they have designed a roman numeral classification system and "step" protocol, to make products easy and effective to use.


LINNÉ values your health and they only use safe, non-toxic biocompatible ingredients that are easily absorbed and processed by the body. Many ingredients, both synthetic and naturally-derived have the potential to put stress on the body with their toxic-load. Stress, whether emotionally or chemically induced, is the greatest ager. What good then are ‘anti-aging’ products that ultimately age us?

They do not include petrochemicals, silicones, parabens, phalates, artificial fragrance, PEG products, T.E.A., D.E.A., B.H.A., synthetic colors, hydroquinone, formaldehyde, lauryl sulphate, triclosan, boric acid or lead. To learn more about these ingredients visit the Environmental Working Group database.

LINNÉ buys from reputable sources who can ensure that ingredients are not adulterated or diluted. They ensure that extracts are processed in ways that effectively capture their vital chemical constituents and choose fresh, cold pressed virgin oils to maximize nutritional content.

LINNÉ focuses on sourcing responsibly wild-harvested and organic-farmed plants to promote environmental stewardship and because they believe that organic and wild plants contain a greater concentration of beneficial chemical compounds.

To promote species diversity, environmental preservation and ethnobotanical continuity LINNÉ celebrates the use of native plants and plants grown in their original habitat/geographical distribution.

LINNÉ only tests products on friends and family. LINNÉ is cruelty free and awaiting certification.