Monica Kylén

Varberg, Sweden

L:A Bruket is a natural skincare company based in Varberg, a coastal spa town in Sweden well-known for it's 200 year old traditions of bathing in saltwater and seaweed. Monica has created natural, organic, locally sourced products within functional and stylish packaging.  

la bruket

The coastal city of Varberg is known for it's traditional spa culture. For 200 years, the residents of this small city have been enjoying the health benefits of its natural springs. The city is a place to contemplate, relax and find natural cures for ailments. L:A Bruket's aesthetic and formulations are inspired by the sea, coast and salt. L:A Bruket sources organic and environmental friendly ingredients from both sea and land. The herbs, waxes and oils in their products are sourced locally, as well as from all over the world. And are constantly seeking new combinations of ingredients to develop and improve their products. 

For the Swedish living along the coast, they live for surfing, sailing and sunbathing. The sea takes a toll on your skin and taking care of your skin is the reason why L:A Bruket was founded. The products are meant to nourish and protect, soften and heal hands, cheeks, feet and bodies torn by coastal elements. For those who are not weathered by the sea, free radicals in environments all over the world cause damage to our skin. L:A Bruket's natural and organic hand and body washes, body lotions and hand creams aid in salvaging damaged skin. 

L:A Bruket is inspired by Swedish botanist, Carl von Linné as they continue to explore and catalogue experiences, scents, and achievements. 

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