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Mary Furthers

Toronto, Canada

Founder Mary Furthers is a veteran in the beauty industry in both product development and marketing. Her long history with cosmetic ingredients gives her a significant advantage in cosmetic product development. The innovative deodorant keeps health in mind with natural ingredients. The Takesumi Detox deodorant is aluminum-free, baking soda free and paraben free. It is the first brand to create an activated charcoal deodorant in traditional stick form.


Activated bamboo charcoal is ideal for eliminating toxins from your body and has the power to clean deep inside sweat glands. With its amazing detoxifying abilities, it is used as a universal antidote for poison in virtually every hospital in the world. Activated charcoal is also used to treat drug overdoses as well as kidney and liver dialysis machines to purify blood before it is allowed to enter back into the body. Charcoal is so potent that one gram (the size of your fingernail) can absorb enough toxins to fill four tennis courts.

Kaia Naturals insists on developing products without animal testing. This applies to both the raw ingredient and finished products when testing for skin and eye irritation. 

Kaia is also vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, free of propylene glycol, and harsh chemicals.


Ta-keh-su-mee, known as bamboo charcoal, is a time-honored Japanese secret for odor control and detoxification.

  1. With a combination of activated charcoal and natural fermentation technology which fights odor-causing bacteria, you will stay odor free all day.
  2. Activated charcoal has a porous surface that acts like a magnet, which chemically binds substances, such as bacteria and toxins to draw them out.


1st week: It's working, no odor at all
2nd week: Oh no, why am I smelling like body odor all of a sudden? (This is normal. Your underarms are beginning to detox from building up toxins, bacteria and chemicals. The purging phase begins.)
3rd week: I'm less smelly, but I'm sweating more than usual. (Your body is still going through the purging process and in an effort to get rid of toxins & bacteria, you may be sweating more than usual.)
4th week: The odor is gone and I feel less wet! (Your underarms are about to complete their detox journey. Continue to use to keep odor away. The power of  activated charcoal will act as a daily detox for your underarms.)

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