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On a flight from Dubai to New York City, celebrity makeup artist LAUREN NAPIER found herself trapped in a window seat. Unable to leave her seat to refresh her face, she was struck with an idea that would change how we cleanse our skin on-the-go. “I was delirious from nearly 30 hours in transit and I wanted to cleanse my skin, but I couldn’t. My bulky package of cleansing wipes was all dried out.”

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“I‘m not actually a product junkie, but I love a product that works. And if it works, I want it. I couldn’t find what I wanted on the market, so I created a product that fulfills my cosmetic needs and busy lifestyle demands.”

CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER are individually packaged facial cleansing wipes, that fit neatly into your traveling makeup bag, briefcase or evening clutch. 

Rich in water, aloe, chamolilla and cucumber, each wipe is slightly textured to aid in gentle and effective cleansing. Aloe’s high water content helps prevent dehydration. Chamolilla is rich with vitamin B, reduces redness and the growth of bacteria on the skins surface. Cucumber is loaded with vitamin C that alleviates inflammation, refines pores, tightens and tones skins while balancing oils on the skin’s surface. CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER facial cleansing wipes are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and are safe for contact lens wearers. No matter where you cleanse, your skin will feel clean and energized.

A signature single use technology is used so you can carry one wipe – or more – and if you don’t use them, they won’t dry out. Each individual envelope contains one fresh 6 x 7 inch disposable wipe, making it easy to stash them wherever you need: in your desk drawer, your nightstand, and even your wallet.

Not content with simply streamlining her makeup kit, Napier has found more than one way to make a difference. CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER is “Made in the USA,” engineered using solar energies, at a female owned manufacturing facility.

“I am making positive impact on the many strands of our country’s fabric – I have made choices that I can stand behind, choices that I am proud of.”

CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER is changing the way we view beauty and skin care. “In a culture obsessed with perfection, I find beauty in the most informal moments. There is beauty in taking it off.”

Over a decade has passed since Napier began her career. Her works have been seen in the world’s most recognizable publications and media outlets including Vogue, Vanity Fair, and on NBC’s long running Today Show and late night comedy institution Saturday Night Live. Lauren has worked with some of the world’s most famous celebrities, including: Academy Award winners, civil rights activists, Olympic gold medalists, indie film darlings, Billboard chart-toppers, silver screen royalty, a Beatle, and even an American President.

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