Acne Care: Spot Treatment, Cleansing & Hydration

Indie Lee formulated a blemish lotion that is a talc-free spot treatment that works. Apply at night. Use a q-tip, dip and apply. That pesky pimple will be gone by the next day.

Monastery Made Sage Cleansing Oil is packed with herbs to calm and heal the skin of acne and scars caused by acne.  Apply a couple of drops to face and remove with cotton pad or towel. No water needed. 

Apply an oil to an oily face? Yes, even acne-prone skin needs hydration. Peet Rivko's super sensitive formula balances and hydrates acne-prone skin.  Post cleansing, apply this oil to face daily.


Acne: Calm & Detoxify

Monastery Made Hydra Hydrasol Facial Spray is a wonderfully refreshing herbal scented facial spray, with notes of coriander and eucalyptus. Perfect to use for removing cleansing oil or just as an uplifting skin hydration.

Soul Sunday created the Gentle Toner especially for sensitive, troubled skin types. Clary Sage is known to calm inflammation and redness, while Geranium promotes healthy skin and fades acne scars.

Indie Lee's Clearing Mask purifies clogged pores and congested skin. Salicylic and Hyaluronic Acids are two powerful ingredients in this mask.